SkulpTools Set of 10 Detail Sculpting Tools [SET10]

This is a full selection of the ten smallest SkulpTools especially designed for small-scale detail sculpting. These time-saving tools are ideal for creating smooth details with minimal tool marks left behind. Your clay will not stick to the highly polished stainless steel tool tips.



SIGNATURE TOOLS: This is the set of the three smallest sizes from the collection of five deluxe SkulpTools Signature Combo tools.

1/8" wide Small Signature Combo Tool - F008 [3.18mm]

3/32" wide Mini Signature Combo Tool - F009 [2.38mm]

1/16" wide Tiny Signature Combo Tool - F010 [1.59mm]

TINY SCULPTING BLADE TOOL has rounded and tapered blades with thin and knife-sharpened edges to allow for surgical shaving or cutting of fine details.

1/16" wide Tiny Sculpting Blade Tool - SP42 [1.6mm]

CONTOURED SPOON TOOL is a spoon tip with a gently sloping back, a flat top and an oval shape; also a tapered tip with an elongated ellipse shape.

3/32" and 1/16" wide Contoured Sculpting Spoon Combo Tool - CS09 [2.4mm & 1.6mm]

BEAVER TAIL / TAPERED TOOL has paddle-shaped and tapered paddle shaped ends with a very subtle curve to them good for smoothing, sculpting or flattening your clay.

           1/8” wide Beaver Tail Tool - BT32 [3.2mm]

WIRE LOOP CUTTER with SMOOTHING TIP has sharpened inside edge, and polished and rounded outer edges to remove clay from narrow spots easily.

            1/8" wide Wire Loop Cutter - L011 [3.18mm]

SHARP AND ROUNDED POINT TOOL has a sharp tapered point for creating fine details like creases, folds, and very fine lines. The other tip has a nicely rounded and semi-tapered point for creating details and smooth grooves.

            1/8” wide Sharp and Rounded Point Tool - PT37 [3.2mm]

BALL END BURNISHER STYLUS 5 pc SET a full selection of tiny tips for sculpting and smoothing your tiny details.

             Each has a apx. 1/8” [.061" or 1.55mm] ball end and the other ends range from .120" [3.048mm] to.040" [1.016mm]

V-GROOVER TOOL is groove-making tool that has a narrow V-shaped back that’s just the thing to make controlled smooth lines, swirls and grooves. The handy smoothing tip at the other end has a flat area for smoothing your clay and a groove-making edge at the front.

            1/16"wide V-Groover with Smoothing Tip - V057 [1.6 x 6.4mm]


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