SkulpTools Set of 10 Detail Sculpting Tools [SET10]

This is a full selection of the ten smallest SkulpTools especially designed for small-scale detail sculpting. These time-saving tools are ideal for creating smooth details with minimal tool marks left behind. Your clay will not stick to the highly polished stainless steel tool tips.

These are the same tools that you can find individually listed on this website.



SIGNATURE TOOLS: This is the set of the three smallest sizes from the collection of five deluxe SkulpTools Signature Combo tools.

1/8" wide Small Signature Combo Tool - F008 [3.18mm]

3/32" wide Mini Signature Combo Tool - F009 [2.38mm]

1/16" wide Tiny Signature Combo Tool - F010 [1.59mm]

TINY SCULPTING BLADE TOOL has rounded and tapered blades with thin and knife-sharpened edges to allow for surgical shaving or cutting of fine details.

1/16" wide Tiny Sculpting Blade Tool - SP42 [1.6mm]

CONTOURED SPOON TOOL is a spoon tip with a gently sloping back, a flat top and an oval shape; also a tapered tip with an elongated ellipse shape.

3/32" and 1/16" wide Contoured Sculpting Spoon Combo Tool - CS09 [2.4mm & 1.6mm]

BEAVER TAIL / TAPERED TOOL has paddle-shaped and tapered paddle shaped ends with a very subtle curve to them good for smoothing, sculpting or flattening your clay.

           1/8” wide Beaver Tail Tool - BT32 [3.2mm]

WIRE LOOP CUTTER with SMOOTHING TIP has sharpened inside edge, and polished and rounded outer edges to remove clay from narrow spots easily.

            1/8" wide Wire Loop Cutter - L011 [3.18mm]

SHARP AND ROUNDED POINT TOOL has a sharp tapered point for creating fine details like creases, folds, and very fine lines. The other tip has a nicely rounded and semi-tapered point for creating details and smooth grooves.

            1/8” wide Sharp and Rounded Point Tool - PT37 [3.2mm]

BALL END BURNISHER STYLUS 5 pc SET a full selection of tiny tips for sculpting and smoothing your tiny details.

             Each has a apx. 1/8” [.061" or 1.55mm] ball end and the other ends range from .120" [3.048mm] to.040" [1.016mm]

V-GROOVER TOOL is groove-making tool that has a narrow V-shaped back that’s just the thing to make controlled smooth lines, swirls and grooves. The handy smoothing tip at the other end has a flat area for smoothing your clay and a groove-making edge at the front.

            1/16"wide V-Groover with Smoothing Tip - V057 [1.6 x 6.4mm]

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