"IN THE STUDIO" with David Lemon - Sculpting the Male Bust DVD

Creating a Male Bust in Clay
This disk is also included in the 3-disk Set #1
David Lemon is a well known sculptor of Western Bronzes dealing with subjects from the Old American West. 

His popular YouTube work-in-progress sculpting videos have been eagerly watched for many years by thousands, with over 8400 channel subscribers - and growing - and video views well over 5,600,000. His skilled hands have created hundreds of clay sculptures of people, wildlife and horses, with several hundred Fine Art Bronzes in his portfolio of work.

This DVD contains new specially prepared material based on his 38 years of experience.


This is not like other how-to videos or sculpting demos you see online. With this high quality, in-depth and informative DVD you'll be much more capable of creating your own realistic sculptures from start to finish, after seeing David teach you, while showing you how. It's more like stepping into David's studio for your own private lesson in sculpting!

Now you can own this DVD where David explains, in his own unique jovial style, how to sculpt a male bust.
It includes an easy to follow system for creating an armature, then sculpting the skeleton, adding muscle, and the final detailed finishes. Throughout the DVD David explains proportioning and other essential sculpting methods.

Get this disk and discover why David has so many faithful followers!

Segment 1 Covers from the building of an armature to creating the basic skull.
Segment 2 Covers building up the muscles of the face, adding facial features and characterization, then getting "creative".
This DVD is also included in a 3-disk set: DLDiskSet1
This well-made HiDef DVD Disk that's jam-packed with valuable instruction based on David Lemon's sculpting knowledge and expertise.
"IN THE STUDIO" with David Lemon - Sculpting the Male Bust DVD
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